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Compatibility between partners

Compatibility is difficult to achieve. When it happens by pure luck it is indeed the happiest of partnerships. When there is a struggle in compatibility it can be a difficult journey to happiness.

Often times we love differently and end up disappointed when we are not loved like we expect to be loved. This is because people are not equal in their abilities or in talents.

Some are good at intellectualizing emotions. They use their mind to intellectualize emotions instead of feeling them. Understanding is their fuel and aphrodisiac. Mental stimulation and being a sapiosexual human being is enough for some of us.

Others are 'doers' who show their love by doing things for others and achieving little and big things that are objective and can be measured. Some are 'feelers', they express their feelings and emotions easily and without holding back, simply because they are not designed to hold back. Others are smooth talkers who 'speak' the language of love into existence. This is what they have to offer, words of affection.

What are you good at? What do you offer your partner? Are you good at one thing and not the other or do you offer a combination of all of the above? Do you fail miserably in one area and wish to improve this aspect in order to save a relationship? Do you expect your partner to speak the same language?

Compatibility requires accepting that we are different and can not be good at all the above levels. Certainly working on all the levels will make you a well rounded individual, who is high on the attractiveness ranking level of most standards. In realistic terms, the first step is to understand what we are and what we can not do without in our relationship. Priorities are good. Next comes RESONANCE.

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