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Treatment Philosophy is all about one most important aspect: EMPOWERMENT

"My personal approach to therapy is based on moving from a   place of disempowerment to a place of secure, firmly rooted     empowerment."

Noha Michael has obtained her degree in clinical Psychology from Sussex University, in England and her Masters from California Southern University. My clinical experience includes working with patients in the U.K., where I lived for eight years. This gave me insight into multicultural issues and personal differences.
I’m respectful of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, gender differences and preferences and lifestyles.  I gained experience at Behman Hospital dealing with a wide range of disorders. My area of specialization is Post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders and relationship difficulties. In addition, I have an extensive understanding of issues related to grief, post-divorce life, breakups and building up self-esteem after separations. I am especially trained in motivating patients in issues related to self-image, body image, relationship concerns, self-esteem issues and finding better coping strategies.
Treatment methods that I offer are CBT and psychodynamic approach. I use therapeutic techniques such as the ‘here and now ‘ to explore how we relate to others, the world and ourselves.
“It is a constant role as a therapist to build sufferers up. When you believe that the patient will recover and that change is inevitable, the client starts believing in himself too.
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