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Depression: a chemical imbalance? Or a genetic disease that runs in families?

Day in day out clients come in complaining about being depressed.

'I wish I had more energy.'

'I wish I can enjoy my life and see my friends again.'

I wish I did not over-sleep, over-eat or become distant and indifferent, as I have been for a long time now.'

Depression is definetly the disease of the century and whoever finds a cure for it, will be doing humanity the biggest undeniable gifting. People are suffering and the suffering steals their years, joys and relationships.

How long it will stay is unpredictable...

When it shifts is unpredictable....

The triggers for depression...equally unpredictable...

The reasons behind it ....many and can be tackled effectively in therapy...

Why some get it and others appear to be 'not prone' to depression......?

Why it tends to run in families and some lucky few manage to escape it.....?

These are questions that we address in therapy. When you understand the beast, that is depression, then you are better equipped to tame it. If you do not understand what is controlling you, then how will you manage your state of mind?

I believe that understanding is the very first step to managing and living with depression...

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