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The two kinds of suffering

There are two kinds of dealing with suffering.

People always have options.

Those who translate their problems to aggression and unkindness toward others. We can not describe them as evil and bad, because we understand where their suffering is coming from. They are not bad but they might be often described as weak. They just try to make everyone feel their pain. They do not hide it very well for the sake of others. Sometimes they can not think of others at all. They are concerned with their own suffering only and can easily make others suffer. I often meet clients who suffered most of their adult lives, at the hands and mercy of their partners.

The second category concerns people who suffered a lot, but they transform their problems into strength.They are more kind and caring towards others. They know how pain feels like and they don't want others to experience it.

They possess a sense of maturity combined with strength and experience.

They don't want to see anyone suffering like they did. Be one of them because the world needs more kindness .

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