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Holding on to the past: Post break-ups

Sometimes clarity comes from recognizing what is old. By focusing on what is new everything changes. By shifting our focus to new people, surroundings and opportunities our view starts to change. But attachment is always in the way of this progress. It can be attachment and dependency on certain people. It can be emotional ties that we do not want to break. It can be fear of living without these individuals in our life. Fear plays a major role in holding us back and keeping us stuck. We become emotionally stunted. Stuck in one chapter of the book and unable to move on to the next.

The resistance of change....

The ego steps in and convinces us to cling and hope for a change...

Fear of change is inevitable....and painful.

Fear of being alone...fear of losing...fear of change...fear of the unknown....

The first break-up..

The resistance of breaking up...

Begging and bargaining for the person to change...

Begging and pleading for old times to magically return....

Wanting the old person, rather than the current version that emerged....

But there is an alternative alternative life waiting for us if we see change as an opportunity.

It can be a beautiful thing to let people go because it means making space for others to enter. Isn't it natural to outgrow things? To outgrow people, places, gatherings, conversations and even art?

What about connections? Isn't it natural to feel disconnected from things you were connected to?

Nature teaches us to accept change better than any other teacher.

Accepting change is hard but it is mature...going forward proves that you are alive...that you have courage and faith in yourself...that you have outgrown clinging to the past.

Let only proves that you have so much more to look forward for the love you invested in is never lost :)

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