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Is patience a choice?

When I see the turtle moving slowly from A to B, I am reminded of the virtue of being patient. I was not always patient, but I developed patience throughout the years. The energy of turtles reminds me that all major things in my life requires careful planning. Knowing that it will take time to reach my goal, keeps me focused and in a good mental state at the same time. It makes a big difference how we behave while waiting. Sometimes it takes years before reaching our goal.

How is time going to affect you?

Are you losing hope while waiting?

Will resilience show up and keep you going?

Will you rely on others while waiting or on yourself?

Waiting is not a fun game.....patience is nothing but one of the hardest lessons, but it builds up pride in us. When I was a child, i looked up to adults that showed me how to be patient. Now I am one of those adults.

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