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Vulnerability question: to risk or not to risk?

To open up to love and life or not?

That is the question.

This question rises after incidents of hurt, disappointments, betrayal and when relationships end. Usually the person is left all alone to wonder what went wrong. If overthinking follows, and the hurt is embeded in the heart, the person is changed for a while to come ....

It becomes difficult to trust new people that we might encounter in life. Life might become a lonely place ... empty of any risks for sure, but equally empty of any meaningful interactions. It becomes extremely challenging, when the realization hits us, that we have to go out there and expose ourselves once again and risk it all once more.

What if it is not the end of a romantic relationship that keeps us in our shell? What if it was our unfortunate past or family environment that keeps us captive? Are we then doomed to spend a lifetime alone?

Beliefs about yourself can keep you captive and alone, away from any fantasy of adventure and risk that involves other human beings.

Maybe it is fine and healthy for a while. Maybe it is a postponed adventure to open up and be vulnerable again.

Maybe it requires more courage and confidence than what you possess now.

Whatever the answer may be... don’t let it be ... too late.

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