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Are all our thoughts subject to choice ?

Every thought vibrates a special frequency. Every thought has the power to take you places far and beyond. When you listen to music you can see how your brain translates the music to visuals, memories or daydreams. It changes your mood. What happens when we learn to chose our thoughts carefully?

Happiness brings about happy memories, visual imagination, imagined happy moments. The list is endless. The same applies for all other emotions. The visuals are vivid and the subconscious mind thrives on visuals. So if positive emotions bring about happy moments then it is logical that we can chose our thoughts, if we want to live a happy life. It is a skill that can be learnt. According to positive thinking advocates 'like unto itself is drawn'. Accordingly, a thought will attract another one and the frequency or mood of positivity is established. By combining all these positive thoughts together the vibrating dominant thought is positive. By increasing the visuals and the imagination the emotion gets ignited. With enough belief behind the thoughts eventually the thoughts will be powerful enough to attract a 'real life' situation or manifestation.' The ability to chose our thoughts is a skill that can be learnt once we decide that it is necessary.

'Never entertain negativity'

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